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Our law firm is located in Frankfurt am Main and specialised in construction and real property law, commercial criminal law, and banking law. Our clients are domestically and internationally operating groups of companies, enterprises and banks, medium-sized firms and individuals. We extensively advise and represent our clients in Germany and abroad, both in and out of court. We also act as arbitrators and mediators, and as defence counsel in the area of commercial criminal law.

We decided to specialise, because we believe that the complexity of difficult and extensive facts and legal issues requires a focus on individual areas of law. We are highly skilled and experienced in the areas of law we specialise in, and advise our clients within that scope and also in general. In addition to our many years of experience, our work is marked by our intense demand for quality, our personal commitment, as well as short and direct communication channels. A trustful cooperation with our clients is very important to us, and the strategy in each individual case is determined in consultation with our clients.

In 2005, our law firm, with our partner Dr. Gina Greeve, was awarded the prize of JUVE LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR in COMMERCIAL CRIMINAL LAW.

On the following pages, you will find more information on us and our work. We would be delighted to provide you with more details by personal communication.

  • Manfred G. Müller
  • Dr. Gina Greeve
  • Mario Garbuio-von Au